2021 Classic Class

For our T.O.R.C. 2021 Summer & T.O.R.C Series we have renamed our “Iconic”~ to~ “Classic”

We run marginally different rules that the main “Iconic Cup” rules. This is to allow a more relaxed class where the whole idea is for racers to have fun. In ‘CLASSIC” you can run other makes of chassis, but they must be 7 years old or more (so we can now include the Tamiya TT02),

However they must be in the spirit on this series. For this reason, we are NOT including the GT Touring Car Class in the Classic Class. The motor rules are strictly the same as the Iconic Class, therefore ALL our Classic Series cars must will run either the Team Powers Branded Brushed V3 Cup Racer or Silver Can Motor.

You can used any body as long as it is an Iconic approved body including the Tamiya 1/14 trucks.

Classic is now all one class.

the main reason for this change is to make it a “more available” class as chassis’ like the TT01 are becoming harder to get unless you have or buy a truck version.